Monday, July 28, 2014

Jones Treat Review & Giveaway

If you haven't heard of Jones Natural Chews from Flea's blog, you must live under a rock!  But that's okay - I'm here to let you know all about them - or at least about the 2 different kinds of treats Jones sent me to review to celebrate their 2 year Blogiversary.  I was sent the Lamb Lung Puffs and the Windees Beef Trachea treats. There will be a giveaway - so scroll to the bottom for contest rules.

First, Happy Two Year Blogiversary to Jones Natural Chews!  

I was really impressed with these treats.  No extra ingredients - what you see is what you get - lungs and trachea.  That's it - no fillers.  Made in the USA. They have a huge variety of treats to choose from.  Need I say more?  

Let's get on to the interview review.  

Me:  Blueberry, what did you think about these?

Blueberry:  I love the fact that on the back of the package - it specifically states that they are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!  (hint hint, human)

Me:  To be clear, I only sample the treats I actually bake for you.  I have no desire to try a lung puff.

Blueberry:  I'm keeping my eye on you just the same. What do you like about them?

Me:  I like how I can break them into smaller pieces to train you!

Blueberry:  I read on the back of the package that if you give me a whole entire lung, it will, in fact, increase my own lung capacity.

Me:  It does not say that!

Blueberry:  It also says that the minimum daily allowance to increase my lung capacity is 3 lung puffs.

Me:  I am going to change your name to Pinocchio. 

Pinocchio:  Let's talk about how stingy you've been with how many I get.

Me:  That's for your own good, I don't want you to be chubby.

Pinocchio:  Who cares?  You can just tell everyone I'm "big-boned".  

Me:  Moving on...the most surprising thing for me was how they didn't smell as much as I thought they would. Even the trachea treats weren't over-powering.  I fully expected to have to wear gloves and a mask when handling these.

Pinocchio:  I think they smell wonderful!  

Me:  Tell everyone what you did after you ate a trachea treat.

Pinocchio:  I'm not ashamed. I licked the carpet. Again and again and again and again.  And when I ate one outside, I licked the ground clean too!  That's no lie!

Me:  So, there you have it, folks!  I admit to not believing Blueberry would get too excited about these treats - however, she sure went nuts over them! The lamb lung puffs are my new go-to treat when filing her nails and the trachea treats keep her occupied for at least 3 whole minutes!    

Blueberry:  I love you, Flea!  If you ever need a new dog to be a live-in taste tester - just say the word and I'll pack my bags and catch the next flight out!

Me:  Hey!  

Blueberry:  You can't come, human.  Stay. STAY. Mwahahahahaha.

So far Blueberry isn't sure what's going on here.

Then I open the Lung bag...

"Oh, sweet joy, are those for me?"

I have a new appreciation for Flea and how difficult it is for her to photograph dogs with these Jones treats!

See what I mean?  I lot of tongue action going on.  

That "Not for Human Consumption" warning really makes me want to try one...

Me:  What in tarnation?  Blueberry - knock it off!

B:  Hehehehe - had to try. 

Windee Rings - aka Beef Trachea

Close up of trachea.

"Omnomnomnom...me like trachea."

This contest is for US residents only (sorry).  Just leave a comment indicating you want to be entered and if you'd like the Windees or Lamb Lung Puffs. This contest will end July 31st at 12 am and the winner will be announced soon thereafter.   


  1. What a pawsome review - and we agree with Pinocchio ....eeerrrmmm Blueberry - those are the best treats. We would be happy to have some ourselves so enter us plllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaseeeee :)

  2. hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahhhahahha.
    Please enter Ray in the contest. It doesn't matter for which one. He will just bury it anyway.

  3. Loved this review! You are the third person to say the Windee lasted 3 minutes! Obviously that must be an accurate timing! LOL! Don't count me in the drawing since I did my own review.

    1. Thanks! Hey - 3 minutes of quiet can seem like a long time for us humans! ;)

  4. OMD - I laughed and laughed and laughed SO HARD. Thank you so much for be a willing participant, Blueberry! I mean, Pinocchio. I'd take you up on the offer to be an in-house taste tester, but the other dogs that live here would disagree. They want all the treats for themselves. ;)

    1. Thanks for giving Blueberry the opportunity to do this review - she loved it!

      I'll tell her the disappointing news that she's stuck with me. ;)

  5. Hahaha loved the interview! Hilarious. I think my Frankie honestly believes that I want to steal his treats too sometimes. We would love to be entered to win thank you! Frankie and my foster pups would love the lamb lung puffs.

  6. I loved reading the post. Blueberry you have a great sense of humor and telling the human to stay was a hoot. Have a great week and thank you for a chance to win some lung puffs for our dog Kouga.

  7. Wow, thanks for reviewing Blueberry! We just found your blog, please check ours out too! We would love to be entered into this contest. Both treats look so yummy it is hard for us to choose, maybe you could choose for us?! -Harley & Charlie @ MyDogLikes.com

  8. You are a very good taste tester. If you need assistant put us on the list
    Lily & Edward

  9. Blueberry is very sneaky! Better watch out that she doesn't get her paws on the lamb lung in the middle of the night somehow. Mr. N would like to try the lamb lung as well.

  10. This was so great, you made me laugh!!! And I just wanted to share that Sampson licked the carpet too! LOL My guys seriously love the lamb lung puffs, and would be happy to win some.

    1. Consider yourself entered! Glad it made you laugh. I often make myself laugh and then I wonder if I'm just crazy and it really isn't funny after all. ;)

  11. Yeah, what's with this BREAKING UP OF TREATS! We got some kangaroo lungs and SHE broke them up into tiny bits! Hardly a taste.

    Those sound great, too.

    1. Kangaroo lungs? Wow - there's no end to the animal parts they'll use for treats these days, eh?

  12. Honey loves lamb puffs. But my family grew up on a farm so we've eaten all kinds of weird things--tongue, pig stomach, brains, etc. Honey is afraid I actually will eat her Jones treats. :)

  13. I want to enter- Shiloh loves JNC Lamb Lung Puffs!
    LyricInTime2803 (at) yahoo (dot) com (NOT the google address I had to use to sign in to comment- I don't check that!)

  14. I LOVED this review! The windees lasted a whole 3 minutes?! We'd love to try those!

  15. We'd love to be entered!! We'd donate the prize to our local animal shelter if chosen :)

  16. We love these treats too. Maggie takes so long to chew the windees that Jack usually comes along and steals it from her.

  17. Hey there Blueberry - we r Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta. Don't know if we haz bin tue your blog b-4 an''left a comment butt here we iz now. We haf herd of Jones treatz butt never had any yet. We loved the review/interview an'think u made sum valid pointz like more lung puffz - increase our lung capacity. If we won - that iz what we wood like tue find out an'that meanz we wanna win sum LUNG PUFFS!
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

  18. BOL!!!! OMD, Blueberry, you are BRILLIANT gurl!!! Why didn't I thinks of puttin' that on the back of my treatie packages??! Geesh, so simple, butts so brilliant. I've never tried the Lamb Lung befores, butts I do LOVES beef lung! I gets the freeze dried beef lung piece everyday! It's my special afternoon treatie! I would loves to try these out! Please tell your Moms to enter my cute little hinnie in your most FABulous contest.
    Ruby ♥

  19. Be sure and let us know if you actually try one! If it is good enough for Blueberry, it is good enough for you - right?!

    1. I really don't think I could bring myself to taste even a tiny bit of it...

  20. We would love to win the lung puffs. I've read so much about them. Blueberry is so funny and I laughed throughout your review. This is my first visit, but I'll be back!