Friday, March 20, 2020

Some Updates

How strange the world has recently become.  For an introvert like myself, it's actually pretty great in some respects.  I mean, now I can distance myself from people and they no longer think it strange.  Waving to someone from across the room or parking lot is acceptable.  I no longer live in fear that someone may want to shake my hand or (gasp) hug me.   And Blueberry's finally had her dream fulfilled that I now must work from home.  

I am sorry for the people that feel like it is okay to hoard things and then (sometimes) sell them for despicable prices.  How sad must their lives be that the only joy they have is to take advantage of others.  

On a lighter note, I pray you are all managing everything going on.  I have never been much for social media but I am now grateful for live streaming (church, etc!) and being able to have meetings online.  

I am also grateful to all those that are doing something to help others.  The world is crazy enough right now - let us not feed into it by being ugly.  Small (and large) acts of kindness can go a long way.  

Here's what has been happening around here in pictures:

We had a warm up and Pistachio made a brief appearance.  It didn't last.  He's since gone back underground to wait out the colder temperatures.  The good news is, he was a happy fellow when he woke up and actually came to me when I called him!  

Blueberry waiting in expectation for a snack.
Clearly, it's exhausting having me home all the time.  

This is similar to the stool's before appearance.

This is after a paint job and new fabric (thank God for Spoonflower!)

John 14:27 New Living Translation (NLT)

27 “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. ~Jesus


  1. I feel the same about people touching me, or invading my rather large personal space. Good to hear from you. The stool is fabulous. Keep busy.

  2. It's nice to see you again, and we're glad you're all doing well! Hope to see you again soon!

  3. I am similarly introverted and two of my dogs are too! We all can handle the social distancing. Glad to have you back!

  4. Hello there! I so rarely drop by my own blog that I never catch up with all my favorite bloggers listed on the sidebar. Glad things are well with you. I too am enjoying the social distancing. Not too fazed by it yet. LOL!